Now you only need one taxi app


Making it easier to travel by taxi anytime and anywhere in the Netherlands. That's what we stand for.

We do this by linking local carriers to our taxi app. With the combined forces of our partners, we are available throughout the Netherlands.


DEXTR connects the Dutch taxi landscape

DEXTR partners up with local carries. The carrier receives fair compensation and professional assistance and travellers are always offered transparent rates and a reliable platform.

DEXTR makes it easy for anyone to order a taxi anywhere in the Netherlands

DEXTR allows any Dutch taxi company to join a nationwide taxi service, so that the service can also be used smaller cities and outlying areas.

We encourage planning ahead so that the driver can more effecient and pick you up right on time.


Every driver for DEXTR is our ambassador

At DEXTR, friendliness and professionalism come first. DEXTR offers a transparent and fair compensation and we treat our drivers with respect!