DEXTR brings travelers and carriers together, anywhere in the Netherlands

Easy to find, efficient planning, personal contact

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Why collaborate
with DEXTR

It can be easier

Supply and demand are matched easily and quickly. Thus, we offer the traveler the ultimate transportation solution, make taxi companies easier to find and provide a new stream of customers.

New service, trusted provider

DEXTR is an initiative of Transvision, provider of (specialist) passenger transport throughout the Netherlands.

Financial administration

DEXTR takes care of the administration and provides a clear invoice of the rides driven. Which we pay out weekly.

Continued app development

We are continuously working on the development and optimization of DEXTR. So that our partners benefit from up-to-date technology.

Permanent contact

Carriers have a single point of contact for questions, comments or feedback.

Nationwide marketing

DEXTR handles the marketing, both online and offline, to generate as many rides as possible for our partners.

Interested in driving for

To expand our services, we are always looking to optimize our coverage and network.

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DEXTR represents ease, reliability, safety and freedom.

We believe in good cooperation with local carriers, with everyone doing what they do best: drivers are responsible for a safe and pleasant ride, DEXTR takes care of everything else.

Through DEXTR, we connect travelers with local carriers throughout the Netherlands, benefitting both traveler and carrier. Everything comes together in one easy and convenient taxi app.

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